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A blog about blogs. Very M.C. Escher-esque in its circularity. This is a blog for educators interested in resources on blog use in education. The ideas expressed in this blog represent those of the authors and not necessarily those of Capital University.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Inaugural Entry

Capital University, in Columbus, OH, is dedicated to providing pre-service and in-service teachers with cutting-edge tools to empower excellence in teaching and learning. As part of that commitment, this blog provides a centralized location to chart the dynamic world of blogging and its uses in K-16 education. We are by no means authorities on blogging, but we are motivated by several features of blogs:
* They are ubiquitous, free, and of growing popularity among our target population of students.
* They deconstruct the very idea of authority, by making recapturing the "author" in "authority. Blogs have the potential of participating in the finest of democratic education, giving voice to those who might not share their voice in other, face2face contexts. This also means that we won't feel bad about not being the world's foremost authorities on blogs.
* They are easy. Really, really easy. It took all of six minutes to set up this blog as I downed a blueberry muffin and had some coffee.
* The audience is the imagined "other." At the same time the noone and the everyone. Blog entries are a string of messages sent out in bottles into the ocean of the Internet. There is great excitement arising from the mystery of who may be reading.
* Blogs revel in the informality of cyberspace. CUL8R!
* The use of blogs in education can be an inclusive practice that embraces and celebrates individual student strengths while creating networked communities of blog enthusiasts (a group of devoted readers of different kinds of blogs).

Blogging is not without its dangers. We will talk more about ethics, risk, ettiquette, (and muffins?) in future posts.

...more to come as the string of bottles grows!