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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

And so the Journey Continues

At the end of the day I must say that I believe I saw and listened to as much as I could on my first official day of conferencing. The morning began with parading through the first couple isles of the exhibit area. It is an unbelievable space filled with salespeople upon salespeople. It is a thrill though to go through seeing programs you have never heard of and well, of course, getting the free stuff. There are so many pieces of paper and pamphlets thrown into your hands that it is difficult to process all the information that you are receiving. I don't want you to get the impression that I dislike the exhibits; actually it is one of the more interesting things of the conference. It is a place where you meet people from all over the country looking to know who you are and demonstrating how their products are the best for you.

After prematurely filling my conference bag, I went to my first session which was about the use of integrating technology into elementary classroom where the number of computers may or may not be limited. I found the session to be quite informative. It began with differentiating what true technology integration is within a classroom and with the students. Then, it delved into the types of possible integration such as groups, pairs, or individuals and what type of activities for varying subject areas could go with each group. With the activities suggested for the core areas the presenter had created templates to have audience members participate in the short activity. I am looking forward to the CD-ROM that we could receive through the mail with the activities used in the presentation along with other helpful technology templates. The activity I valued the most was a template for a reporter at the beginning of the class day held possibly at the morning class meeting. There were sections for the weather, news, word of the day, and jokes that a student could find and then read to the class.

The remainder of my day was spent at two other sessions and the exhibit hall again. Although I enjoyed the first session the most the next session opened my eyes to the implementation of handhelds in the classroom specifically with literacy [a little bit of classroom management was also included]. The session spent most of the time talking about software and how students as well as teachers benefit from a class set of handhelds. My last session for the day discussed using video technologies in the classroom and the available resources online for student video making including KitZu and Adobe Premier Elements. The process would require devotion and patience by both the teacher and students. I think it would possibly be a neat thing to try as long as you were incorporating the project across multiple subject areas.

The day ended with a wonderful night in Philly filled with the ultimate cheese steak from Jim's, a walk on the pier, ice cream at Franklin's Fountain, and well a new experience at Warmdaddy's. Tomorrow should be busy as well since there is more to see and our presentation to perform!



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