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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Day one in Philly

So today was the first full day of the confrence. For some reason, I thought that by coming for the second year, things would be less exciting and less surprising, but that was definatly not the case. I came to the NECC/ISTE confrence with the intention of being more focused in the sessions that i was choosing, and I was not going to try to "do it all". The sessions I chose today were ones that I could directly use in my classroom. The first session i attended was focused on the storm tracking capabilites of Weather Bug. the only problem use the software, the school must purchase a weather station and subscription. It still gave me some ideas on teaching weather in my classroom, especially after focusing on weather during my jr. field experience. The next session that I attended was with a very dynamic man named Hall Davidson. He works for PBS and the Discovery Channel. With these 2 jobs he has come up with a free way to make videos on line even if a classroom that does not have video cameras. It is amazing to see what students can do, and even cooler to find out that the materials on his site are free!!! After the video session and a wild goose chase around the convention center I finally found the Texas Instruments room. Here, I learned about grant writting. This was very important to me. In my classes I hear often, "oh you can get a grant for that", or "oh when you write that grant...." The speaker gave us ideas for places and even the hints about what not to do. It turns out that Texas Instruments actually has grant writters who will read grants that outside people submit. Very Very good fact to know. The only problem with confrences like this is that by about 3 o'clock, my brain is swimming with ideas and has a very hard time soaking new ideas in. Its alot of information, but a good nights sleep and some good "philly" food will help me be ready for the big day tomorrow!



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