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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

June 28, 2005 AM A Student's Perspective on NECC

Today is the first day we will be attending sessions at the conference. Yesterday we took the opportunity to register and listen to the opening keynote speaker though we were not in the same room he was delivering his speech. I also began looking over all the different sessions one could attend while here. Wow, there are so many that sound interesting and somehow beneficial to my career as an educator. I have narrowed my list by this morning with only one time slot where I have several I want to peek into. I want to use this conference to learn some new things about technology which I may not get exposed to at Capital. I think this goal will be accomplished since technology was not something that was routinely implemented in my early educational experiences. I feel as if I have only touched upon the many resources that are available to me through technology and the Internet. I am really looking forward to this one session about using your palm in the classroom. The palm, as I have discovered, is an amazing thing with a multitude of possibilities. I think this session will help me learn about this new toy I have and how students or myself could use them in the classroom. I hope I can gain much knowledge today and cannot wait to get excited about technology!!



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