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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Philadelphia The City of . . . NECC

Today marked our last day attending the conference. The morning began with a quick jaunt through the exhibit hall to check out the middle section that we had not yet journeyed through. Then it was off to grab lunch before meeting with Dr.'s B and K for a pre-presentation pow-wow[ :) ] We carried an AMC tradition and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe [HRC] followed by the purchase of a Philadelphia marked HRC item. Following our enjoyable sit down lunch of which we had not managed to allow for the yesterday, we went over to the Lord and Taylor store on 13th street formerly known as the Wanamaker store where we listened to the largest pipe organ in North America. The consul is on the 2nd floor and the pipes range from the 2nd to 4th floors. It was truly a magnificent site. I was quite happy to be able to take this in since it was a highly suggested opportunity from those I know.

With the organ ringing in our ears we left to complete our final as well as first group organization of our presentation. I must admit that we were unsure how the presentation would go or how many people would be attending our afternoon talk. The results of both were pleasantly surprising. Even with a relatively small amount of group discussion the presentation flowed well together and I never felt as if we were speaking on top of one another or maximizing the speaking time. The audience was the largest surprise of all. The number was somewhere a little over 200 hundred people! People were everywhere on chairs, the floor, and standing in the doorway. The audience members covered from novices to a few expert bloggers. Many if not all members had heard of blogs. I believe the most beneficial part of the presentation for the novices, at least, was showing how simple it was to create a blog in a matter of minutes.

Personally, I love speaking and engaging in discussion with a room full of people. I find it a thrill to be able to present information to people and then to be able to react to their questions or comments. Next time I want to be able to contribute more to the discussion by having my own experience with working with blogs. I think I am going to start one myself and we will be more than likely starting one for undergraduate education students at Capital. There were a number of questions asked by the audience which helped to further define the use of blogs and what precautions schools may have to look into before beginning blogs in the classroom.

Afterwards you would not believe the rush of people to get copies of our presentation or CD copies as well. Many people we had to turn away and suggest looking for the posting of the presentation on the NECC website. I am hoping the post is on the site since so many people wanted to have access to the presentation.

I felt quite well after the presentation and knowing that our information in some way had impacted the audience if not to begin blogging but at least to give it some thought. Our debriefing session famous to Dr.B [so I hear] included some follow up we needed to do. I went out after that to the exhibit hall for a bit and then joined AMC and MSS for the bus ride back to the hotel.

With Dr.K out for the evening we made plans for searching out dinner and catching some sites of the city. We settled on a small restaurant before making our way all around the city. It was awesome to take in so many great sites in a short spance of time. We saw the Washington Square with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the location of the First Continental Congress, the first Bank of the US, Ben Franklin's grave, the US Mint, Independence Hall, and of course the Franklin Fountain for a little one on one with our favorite dessert, ice cream!!

The night was tons of fun and provided the chance to get some memorable pictures. Overall, my experience at NECC was inspiring and exciting. I cannot wait to do it again and know even better how I want to schedule my time. The sessions in general were informative and gave me some token things to take back to school. I definitely would like to present again if not at NECC at least somewhere else. I cannot think of a better way to get your feet wet in technology and gain the professional experience of conferencing. Here is to NECC 2005 and hopefully NECC 2007!!



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